Long term rentals

Every year there are lots of new people coming to Split with the intention of working, studying or just living a slower life. Most of these people need an apartment to rent for six months to a year so they can settle in and concentrate on attending classes or making a living. Many of these people do not stay longer than six months or a year, but some stay on and become permanent fixtures in Split.

Finding a long-term apartment rental in Split is not an easy task. Most apartment owners rent to tourists during the summer months and some rent to students during the winter months. In order to consider renting an apartment to one tenant for the entire year, an owner would have to earn at least what he or she could expect to earn from short-term rentals during the summer months. This means monthly rental rates are quite high, often equal to rents in major Western European cities. Unfortunately, these rents can go even higher once the landlord learns that the potential tenant is a foreigner.

Good advice for finding a long-term rental is to look around and get as many quotes as possible before choosing an apartment. Prices vary greatly depending on size, location, and apartment owner. Monthly rents will be considerably less expensive in the parts of the city as Skalice, Bol, Bačvice, Spinut, Meje, Žnjan than in the Diocletian Palace. But even in the Diocletian Palace there is a good possibility to find a great apartment for a very good price as the owners prefer to have tenants  than  to be empty.

Most apartment owners will want you to pay your own utilities, especially if staying through the winter months. In general, you can expect to pay between 350 EUR per month plus utilities for a small apartment to 1000 EUR per month for a large apartment in or around the Diocletian Palace.

For more information on long-term apartment rentals and for assistance in finding one, please contact us by email on: info@apartments-split.com